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Drycleaning Fundamentals

This course addresses the origins of drycleaning, various solvents used in the cleaning phase, different types of drycleaning equipment, quality and safety standards – and more. It is written as an orientation tool for employees who are moving into the drycleaning phase of production – or for owners, managers, and other experienced cleaners who wish to refresh and update information about drycleaning.

This course covers:

  • Classifications of soils found in fabrics and garments
  • The basic principles of drycleaning
  • The major pieces of equipment used in drycleaning
  • Solvents and detergents used in drycleaning
  • Filtration and distillation
  • The factors that determine drycleaning quality
  • Basic drycleaning safety practices


  • Engaging mentor to guide you through the course
  • Visually appealing content layout
  • Easy navigation and content progression
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Final exam to prove mastery
  • Certificate of completion



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