Course Details

Stain Removal Course

This course begins with fiber characteristics and moves step by step through the stain removal process.

This course covers:

  • Introduction to Stain Removal
  • The Burn Test
  • Yarns
  • Fabric Construction
  • Color in Fabrics
  • Decorative Trims and Finishes
  • Stain Removal Tools and Equipment
  • The Stain Removal Board and Other Items
  • Stains
  • The pH Scale
  • Stain Removal Agents
  • Special Stain Removal Agents
  • Stain Removal Procedures
  • Special Problems: Rings and Watermarks
  • Bleaches: A Last Resort in Stain Removal
  • Case Studies and Appendix


  • Engaging mentor to guide you through the course
  • Visually appealing content layout
  • Easy navigation and content progression
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Final exam to prove mastery
  • Certificate of completion



$139 for Members