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Wetcleaning Course

This course is intended to help those who have no experience with wetcleaning understand the process and for those currently doing wetcleaning to increase their knowledge and fine-tune their skills.

This course covers:

  • The wetcleaning process
  • What are acids and alkalies
  • Textiles and wetcleaning
  • Stain removal for wetcleaning
  • The cleaning process
  • Equipment
  • Chemistry
  • Load classification
  • Drying
  • Finishing
  • Care labeling
  • Customer service
  • Marketing

Course Attribution:

Appreciation is expressed to the author Jane Rising and to text reviewers Chris Allsbrooks, Lorraine Muir, Jim Kirby, Iqbal Kahn, Jackie Stephens, Mary Scalco, Sam Schwartz, Anne Weakley, Brian Johnson, Tammy Campbell from Campbellā€™s Cleaners, Marilyn Fleming from Natural Cleaners, Andreas Barduna from Miele Inc, Anne Hargrove, Jerry and Patrice Moore from Moore Services/Essential Fabricare and Dan Goldman from Wascomat/Aqua Clean.


  • Engaging mentor to guide you through the course
  • Visually appealing content layout
  • Easy navigation and content progression
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Final exam to prove mastery
  • Certificate of completion



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